Pattern Based Writing: Quick & Easy Essay

Current Users: Whether you purchased the program today or five years ago, please email me if you have any questions or need any help. I always respond promptly. You may want to add the following email address to your email address book in order to ensure that your spam filter does not block my response. Additionally, please add a subject title to your email and write at least a couple sentences to help ensure that my spam filter does not send your email to my spam folder. (Note: I do check my spam folder—but less frequently.)


Curious Parents and Teachers: Is this curriculum for you? Will it work with your students?

First, thank you for your interest in the writing program. I truly wish you well on your writing journey!

It's not my goal to convince everyone to buy the writing program. This program is not a collection of common lessons that stroll down a meandering path. This program has a specific goal and solves specific problems. It's a complete model that's all connected. I provide an outline of the program in the yellow section on the homepage.

Please spend time reading the homepage to see if the program matches your goals. Here are a few things to consider while you read the homepage:

1. Do you teach beginning writers or struggling writers?

2. Do your goals match what I say the program does and what other users say it does?

3. Is what you are teaching now working? Are you teaching random lessons that aren't creating measurable progress in a timely manner? Do you need a way to create connected multi-paragraph writing success?

4. Please read the testimonials. Do you relate to the problems that the users had and overcame?

5. Please read the outline of the program in the yellow section. Can you see that the program is a methodology that builds into writing success?

I don't make specific recommendations to people, but I do know that the right people purchase the program. I've always included this note on the first page of the program: "If you EVER have any questions, please feel free to email me." I've answered every question, and I've added sections and appendices to the program in order to address those questions. The result is that everyone who buys the program is happy with the program. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Once again, I wish you well on your writing journey!

Paul Barger